Features And Benefits Strong and durable base made from 50% recycled material 22mm profile Can be tiled directly on to or covered in vinyl Built in gradients for water removal to the waste Ideal for total level access Waste offset to avoid joists in most circumstances Pre-cut waste outlet suitable for gravity waste or Phlexiflow pumped waste […]

Steps to Dry-Pack Shower Pan

Being a remodeling contractor, I do my best to have a firm grasp on all types of construction trades. When I began working in the industry, I believed that certain traditional methods were to only be executed by aged craftsmen with years of experience under their tool belts’. One of my biggest anxieties when I started tiling[…..]

Installing Process of Hot Mopping Shower Pan

Installing a Hot Mopping Shower Pan: Step 1: Build your curb at the entry of the shower stall. Make your curb out of 2×4’s. However, the first piece, which is anchored into the concrete with 2 1/2-inch masonry screws, must be pressure-treated wood, as it is resting directly against the concrete slab. You can stack regular Douglas[…..]