Installing Process of Hot Mopping Shower Pan

Installing a Hot Mopping Shower Pan: Step 1: Build your curb at the entry of the shower stall. Make your curb out of 2×4’s. However, the first piece, which is anchored into the concrete with 2 1/2-inch masonry screws, must be pressure-treated wood, as it is resting directly against the concrete slab. You can stack regular Douglas […]

Plants Grow Better in Greenhouses ..Why?

Reason Of The Greenhouse From large freestanding buildings to small window-mounted structures, a greenhouse is possible for almost any property. Although working in an outdoor garden allows you to soak in the sun, many prefer the controlled indoor environment greenhouses provide — you are still productive in the garden on a surprise rainy day. And, plants tend[…..]

Difference Between Stairs & Staircase

Stairs A stair is any step included as part of a series leading to a different floor or level. When only step is present, the word “stair” is typically not used, since the word “stair” connotes a series of steps leading to a higher or lower elevation. Stairs may consist of a variety of materials, including wood,[…..]