hot mop la habra


With all the blogs on drains you can tell that it presents more than a few issues and is one of the reasons that jobs need to be re-scheduled…Here again are the basics that have to be followed with any standard drain applaction that is going to be Hot Mopped.

A two-piece bolted clamping ring type drain.

Note: The size and number of bolts is not a factor…remember an adjustable screw in screen top is not part of the clamping ring system

The drain must be lower than your curb height! 

Note: This distance needs to be a minimum of 1-1/2″ to 2″ depending on shower pan size.

2″ pipe and drain must be used for a shower

Note: A tub to shower only is one of the most common re-modeling undertakings…tubs are almost always 1-1/2″…and this needs to be bumped up to 2″.

 All drains need to set flush and level with your sub-floor!

Note: If the drain can’t be lowered the floor must come up! An over pour of concrete, mortor, or plywood is often used!

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