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A leaking shower pan can cause a great deal of damage to your property. In addition to the tile work needing to be demolished, water damage to your personal property can cause a big headache. Many of your personal possessions can be damaged or destroyed because of a faulty shower pan liner. It is this reason that most contractors with veteran experience choose a hot mop shower pan over a shower pan liner. If you need your shower waterproofed, choose a method that has been field, laboratory, and time tested with superior results. Always choose a hot mop shower pan over a shower pan liner whenever it is practical to use a hot mop shower pan installation

The process starts with coating a concrete shower pan with a coating of hot tar.  This layer is then topped with tar paper including folded sections for the corners.  Hot mopping the shower pan is the best way to go.  The only downside of hot tar is the danger of using the substance, this is why it is always best to hire a professional.  Our company currently has 5 locations in Southern California which offer hot mopping in the Orange County and Los Angeles County metro area.  The cost associated with hot mopping seems is in the $350 range.  Hot Mopping tar method may be slightly more expensive than using a membrane liner, but we believe it to be money well spent considering the added security of not  having a water failure.

When tile or marble is going to be installed in a shower, the waterproof membrane becomes the insurance policy that makes the entire shower installation perform. A hot mop shower pan is the most superior shower liner available, hot mop shower pan should last the life of your bathroom and protect better than any other shower liner.

As the premier waterproofing professionals, we serve: General Contractors, Specialty Tile Contractors and Homeowners in Residential & Commercial Applications throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.  We also provide services for new construction.

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