Why is a Flat Roof?

In the past, flat roofs have been seen as a roofing solution for commercial or industrial applications, and a number of popular misconceptions swirl around flat roofs for residential roofing solutions.

Flat roofs can’t support ice and snow build up on the roof in the winter is the first of many misgivings held by homeowners. Building codes across all municipalities in Ontario demand that a roof be able to bear the weight of ice and snow and qualified roofing technicians must respect the building code when installing a flat roof.

Flat roofs are more prone to leaks than sloped roofs is not true. Poor installation, aging and poor design are all key components to roofing system failure. Expert installers and quality materials go hand in hand when choosing a flat roof.

Flat roofs are more expensive to install and maintain because they require specialized techniques to apply the roofing surface is another myth. The truth of the matter is flat roofs are cheaper to install than sloped roofs. They require less materials, and are quicker to install that can represent $1000’s in savings over a conventional sloped roof.

Many advantages and benefits are associated with flat roofs:
  • Flat roofs create space at the top of your home. If you have a well-maintained flat roof it can prove to an effective roofing solution at an affordable price.
  • Having easy access to your roof is a big help when the time comes to clear out the rain gutters. A flat roof has little slope making access to the gutters easy and provide a quick opportunity to perform a visual maintenance check to determine if there are any problems.
  • Flat roofs are economically viable roofing solutions for any homeowner because they don’t require shingles or other decorative materials to be applied to the roofing system. A flat roofing solution is an uncomplicated roofing solution as opposed to shingles and damages can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of sloped roof.
  • A flat roof can stand the test of time and is durable. Flat roofs have a shelf life of 30 years and are constructed with tar and gravel that will extend the life of a flat roofing system. A flat roof can stand up to nature’s ravages more effectively than a sloped roof.
  • A flat roof offers more wind resistance than a sloped roof and that is important when high winds pick up and blow through your area. With an angled roofing system, shingles could be exposed to high winds that can cause shingles to lift and create repairs concerns.
  • A flat roof can provide space for A/C vents and exhaust pipes. The symmetrical design of the flat roof also allows the flat roof to support heavy equipment – like an air conditioning unit – unlike sloped roofs.

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