Features And Benefits

  • Strong and durable base made from 50% recycled material
  • 22mm profile
  • Can be tiled directly on to or covered in vinyl
  • Built in gradients for water removal to the waste
  • Ideal for total level access
  • Waste offset to avoid joists in most circumstances
  • Pre-cut waste outlet suitable for gravity waste or Phlexiflow pumped waste systems
  • Self supporting, no requirement for additional support underneath
  • Can be trimmed by up to 60mm on each edge
  • Tested to over 300 kg point loaded






The Premier Shower Deck can be installed into an existing timber floor by removing the floorboards and fixing the former directly onto the joists. If the deck protrudes more than 100mm over a joist, support noggins should be installed. The floor should be brought level with the former to make the room level and ready for a suitable floor covering.Features And Benefits


The Premier Shower Deck can be installed into an existing concrete floor by removing the screed and setting the floor former in a position to leave it level with the remainder of the shower room floor. When all pipework is complete the whole shower room floor, including the new shower area can be covered with suitable vinyl flooring or tiled.


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