Drain Attachment

The Drain Attchment:

1. Verify the fit. Mine needed tweaking, so I shaved off a small portion of the coupler to make it the drain sit perfectly level. You can see where I trimmed it in the labeled picture above.

2. Remove all dirt from the riser pipe and drain.

3. Check the manufacturer’s directions for your adhesive and apply it accordingly. My riser pipe is made of other-side, so I purchased an AR Drain, and had to use cement. You DO NOT use primer with cement. The hardest part for me was opening the damn can. It was sealed shut (maybe used and returned?) and in a panic to get it open before my deck mud dried, I opened the wholes can with a can opener.

4. Twist and lower the drain assembly over the riser pipe and make sure it’s level.

5. Support the bonding flange (wide, white part of the drain assembly) by filling in the area underneath with loose mortar. You can use the same deck mud you’re going to use for the shower pan, just add more water.